Yes, Ash! I'm ready for a life of purpose and fulfillment >>

This Opportunity Is For You if You're a Woman And:  

  • Are ready to discover (and overcome) what's been stopping you from feeling fulfilled about your life and what you're doing
  • Are committed to finally feeling good despite confusion, past pain and failure
  • Are you curious and willing to embrace the neccessary changes to go from where you are to where you want to go 

Client Success Stories:

"I have never been this happy, worthy or loved. 

Because of that I've paid off $50,000 of credit card debt."

Ashley Paquin - Coach

Megan Houston: Healthcare | Portland, Oregon

"My goals became so clear and straightforward...  

I felt stuck for a long time and I knew retreating to what was easy and comfortable was my hurdle. 

Working with her is a game-changer. 

She helped me break down what I wanted into daily small steps that took me closer to achieving what I talked about for years- clarity on my purpose and the world I want to do in the world."

Lola Wallace: Photographer, Storyteller | Portland, Oregon

Yes, Ash! I'm ready for a life of purpose and fulfillment >>

"Thank you for helping me find my purpose in life and showing up for my cause without hesitation."

Christina Waschkies: Founder of Spiritual Business School | Hanover, Germany

"This work changed my life completely.

I met Ashley in a phase in my life when I felt hopeless and depressed. 

She helped me navigate a lot of difficulties with my family, and I now feel worthy and secure about myself. 

She feels like an old friend, but is such an effective coach." 

Katja Lustenberger: Sex Therapist | Switzerland

"Your coaching is more valuable than five years of continuing education and three years of business classes.  

Thank you for all the handholding and honest assessments to help me get clear, excited and then reach my goals. I’m so excited about this work and my life."

Winslet Carr: Acupuncturist | Portland, Oregon 

"Before working with you, I had crippling anxiety, panic attacks and was completely overwhelmed."

Sara Salzman: Denver, Colorado

"The confidence that came from making such strong and clear decisions resulted in so much more energy.

Before working with Ashley, I felt confused and overwhelmed with possibilities around what I should do next with my life. I felt lost and didn’t know what was important to me.

Now, it’s incredible to feel so alive. I am clear, I know who I am and exactly where I'm going."

Eike Feldman: Pharmacist, Coach | Wedel, Germany 

 Answers To Common Questions:  

Why is This Call Free?  

If we meet and I feel I can help you, I'll extend an invitation for us to work together. I have many happy clients from around the world and this is typically how we meet.  

I don't work with anyone I haven't personally spoken with because this approach allows me to create outstanding results with my clients. 

What Can I Expect During This Call?  

During our call, I'll ask you a few questions to understand what your situation is, diagnose the root cause of your problem, and let you know if I feel I can help you. If so, we'll talk about what that can look like. 

How Quickly Will I Hear Back From You If My Application Gets Approved?  

If we approve your appointment, my assistant will email you within 24 hours with the confirmation details for one of the times you selected.  

With clients on every continent, I receive a lot of applications.  

If we don't feel we can help you we'll also let you know. Please be honest and thorough with your answers as this makes it easier to approve your application.  

Ash, What Happens If I Don't Feel Like Moving Forward After We Speak? 

No worries. If I extend an invitation and you don't want to move forward, there are no hard feelings and ZERO pressure on my end.  

I am committed to client results and work with women I know I can help. If I don't believe I'm the right person to help you, I will be honest. 

If for whatever reason this isn't your thing, we'll amicably part ways but you'll still have gained valuable insights about your life, where you're most stuck and how to take a step forward. 

If you are ready to finally overcome what is keeping you stuck, I'd love to meet you.

Yes, Ash! I'm ready for a life of purpose and fulfillment >>

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Yes, Ash! I'm ready for a life of purpose and fulfillment >>

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